Trucks To Troops provides our servicemen and women with remote-controlled trucks to help make their jobs easier and safer.

These custom-fitted RC trucks were developed to offer our soldiers in the field a quick and safe alternative to seek out vital information.


Maximum Destruction Visit

Tom Meents, owner of Maximum Destruction, and world Champion Monster Jam driver, is coming to Rochester to show his support for the efforts put forth into the development of the local organization of Trucks to Troops.

Tom Meents will be at Everything Hobby in Rochester, MN at 4pm on December 8th to show support to this local non profit organization and to sign autographs!

New Soldier Stories

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Austin Herald: Toy-like gift helps soldiers stay safe

Toy-like gift helps soldiers stay safe
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We are Shipping!

Thank You!

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our cause! Without you none of this would be possible. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support that has been displayed. Since our story went national we have been fast at work getting as many trucks to our soldiers as possible.

We have recently added a soldier stories page that will give you some insight into how important these trucks have become to those that have received them. If you would like to find out how to you can get a truck to someone you know or if you simply want to help out you can do so by contacting us.

Again, thank you for all your support!

The Story

The seeds for Trucks To Troops were planted in 2007, when Ernie Fessenden stopped in to Everything Hobby, his local hobby shop in Rochester Minnesota. Ernie told friend and store owner Kevin Guy he was looking for something to send his brother Staff Sergeant Chris Fessenden, serving in Iraq. Chris' job was to patrol for IED's and roadside bombs, and whenever there was something suspicious, he would have to get a closer look, one of the many hazards our fighting men and woman face everyday. Kevin and Ernie came up with the idea to customize a remote-controlled truck, the Traxxas Stampede©, complete with wireless camera, to make Chris' job easier and safer. They figured if Chris could use this truck to roll up and inspect things from a distance, it would keep him a little farther from harm's way. They were right.

Since then the truck has been a vital asset in the field, only Kevin and Ernie didn't know how vital until August 2011, when Ernie had received an email from his brother now serving in Afghanistan. Chris apologized saying the the truck was gone, loaned out to another patrol searching for roadside bombs. The story unfolded that the other patrol had come to an area that looked suspicious. They wanted to find an alternate way around, so they dropped the truck out and put it to work. As they were rolling it around, the truck hit a trip wire and blew up, a trip wire that they estimated was rigged to about 500 pounds of high explosives, saving up to six lives. Right after hearing this, Kevin and Ernie immediately packed up another truck and sent it overseas.

Kevin at Everything Hobby decided to take this project to the next level, and Trucks To Troops was born. The mission is to get our soldiers as many remote controlled trucks as we can, and get them there as fast as possible. Since the first trucks were put into action, the technology has advanced dramatically. We are constantly looking for ways to improve performance. Now the trucks have more capabilities than ever, using a mix of off-the-shelf components, and cutting edge technology.

If you would like to read more about this story head over to the media page.

With your support, we will continue to send these trucks to support our troops.